KolorFish [Armor] TPU + PC Hybrid Dual Layer 360 Degree Rotating Finger Ring Holder and Magnet Car Holder Case Cover for Huawei Honor Play (Black)

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  • Compatible with: Huawei Honor Play

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The Huawei Honor Play Case was designed with great hand feeling;All around protection for your device with a Snugly design. It is helps once occurs as below Mobile phone was stolen when walking Drop on the ground inattentive Drop into the toilet once not well seized It is convenient to take photo with one-hand It is convenient to text input,play games or watching movies To effective reduces the risk of falling down in crowed place Other Features: ?Dual Protection Hard PC Shell + Interior soft TPU cover snuggly together for total surround defense,Four TPU Corners protect your phone from shock.Anti-Skid Texture and Anti-Drop Ring Grip prevent your phone from accidental drop or impact. ?Smart Ring Holder Build-in good grip Ring Holder Kickstand,just slide your finger through the grip ring to prevent your phone from slipping out of your hand,that allows for the optimum viewing position to meet your eyes. 360 Roating used as a kickstand for hands-free useYou can enjoys your favorite movies and music with your hands free.undetachable ring finger grip add more protection, prevent drop and control device while you are operating phone and taking picture.Easy to carry. (There has a chipped edge,your fingers are easy to slip to pull out the ring.) ?Use in the car The case come with a metal patch, can be used with the magnetic car bracket. it can be attracted to a magnetic car mount holder, no complex installation steps, direct adsorption. (Warm tips: Before adsorption onto magnetic car mount holder, please check the suction between the phone case and the bracket.The strength of the adsorption depends on the magnetic car mount.) ?Precise Cut-out Access to all the controls and features, such as charger port, speakers, cameras, earphone, volume and power buttons.

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