Phone Controller Holder, Kolorfish Portable Phone [Gamepad] Joypad Joystick with Heat Dispassion Design,Anti-Scratch and Full Compatible for 4.5-6.5 inches Smartphone (White)

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Taking a long time for holding the phone will make your hands tired, you can poke the phone stand on the back at the moment, the triangle holder is very stable, relax your hands to enjoy movies or play games.The ease of support your mobile is worth far more than the price you're paying. If you've tried other products but weren't need to try this. MPROVE YOUR PLAY, REDUCE HAND STRAIN. Get higher scores and enjoy your games more. The design lets you reach any part of your phone's screen instantl

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Everyone knows what the best shape for a game controller is. You see the same general shape used over and over by Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation, and many third party controllers. Now you can have that same ergonomic, two-handed grip when you play games on your smartphone. With any game that you play in landscape mode, you'll have a firm and comfortable hold on your phone without obscuring any part of the screen and while giving your thumbs instant access to any point on the screen. No more straining your wrists and hands with long gaming sessions, and no more accidental taps or off-target taps or swipes that bring down your scores. The StarLight Game Controller Grip has a spring expansion center that opens up to hold any smartphone up to 6.6 inches. It will work with any iPhone as well as the latest Samsung Galaxy phones and other Android phones, large or small. It's made of tough ABS plastic and closes down to a small size, so it's easy to take with you. Slots at each end let you use the grip with headphones or a charging cable plugged in. As an added bonus, the controller grip has an easel stand that swings out of the back. This is great for setting your phone up on your desk to watch videos, listen to music, or make video chats.

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